Plastic Core Tray

Onur Plas Plastic Core Trays are designed for storing and transporting core samples. Our core trays are resistant to organic drilling chemicals and are non-magnetic due to their polypropylene properties.

Onur Plas core trays have been used in drilling fields since 2000 and will use a long time thanks to polypropylene with high resistance to UV. Plastic core boxes are made of heavy-duty plastic and can be used repeatedly.

Boxes are made from raw materials that can withstand the conditions of mining areas. Polypropylene boxes are resistant to mechanical damage.

Each core tray comes with 1 lid and 5 separators that can be easily marked with a marker.

Onur Plas core trays are recyclable.

Easy to transport. Boxes and lids are compatible and can be stacked on top of each other, convenient for storing and transporting core.

With more than 10 years of field experience, Onur Plas core trays are used in many mining and research areas around the world.